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Daniel B. Talbot, EE, President, Talbot Technology (T-TECH) Corp.

1 Dean Street, P.O. Box 151 Hudson, Massachusetts 01749

Business Phone: 978-562-5820 Facsimile: 978-246-0290


(1) Provided turnkey design of an ultra-low phase-noise frequency synthesizer having 0.01 Hz steps from 400 MHz to 2 GHz with spurs better than 90 dB down, and L (f) << -154 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz offset.

(2) Was Chief Engineer for DBX Corp., Newton, Mass., a firm producing noise-reduction and companding systems competing with Dolby Labs, and the firm which co- invented the MTS Stereo TV sound technique adopted for use by FCC (co-invented with Zenith Corp.).

(3) Was Manager of the High-Speed Analog Design Group at LTX Corp., a company well-known for large ATE systems.

(4) Was a Project Engineer for Jerrold Electronics division of General Instrument Corp., designing cable-TV modulators, demodulators, filters, equalizers, scramblers, descramblers.

(5) Was a Research Engineer at RCA's David Sarnoff Research Laboratory (Princeton, New Jersey), in color television section.

(6) Was employed by various aerospace companies.

(7) Left industry in 1982 to form consulting business, doing business as "Daniel B. Talbot, EE", which, on May 7, 1984,became Talbot Technology (T-TECH) Corp.

(8) Published 17 articles, was granted 6 U.S. patents.

(9) Was elected Fellow of the AES (Audio Engineering Society).

(10) College academic honors: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau. Received "A" average in EE major.

(11) Member, IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers).

(12) Holder of current, valid FCC General Class Commercial Radiotelephone license (renewal title of formerly held FCC First-Class Radiotelephone license).


Frequency Synthesizer design, data modem design, fiber-optic receiver design, low phase-noise oscillator design, radar system design, cable TV equipment design, filter and group-delay equalizer design. Design of full-custom analog ASIC's (application-specific integrated circuit). Thin-film hybrid design. Printed-circuit board design. Phase-locked loops, injection-locked loops, frequency-locked loops, and Costas loops.


(1) Analog ASIC design of full-custom (using Tektronix's 6 GHz bipolar process) 96-channels of transimpedance amplifiers, active filters, and comparators for (customer name) Associates.

(2) Design of IF-to-video synchronous detector, video amp, sound-take-off, AFC (automatic frequency-control), AGC(automatic gain control) and sync pulse recovery monolithic Integrated circuit while at RCA, using RCA's 3 GHz bipolar process.

(3) Design of APD (avalanche photo-diode) fiber-optic receiver having 50 MBit/sec speed and -50 dBm peak optical sensitivity for (customer name) Technology Corp. Also, designed PINFET receiver for 50 MBit/sec with AGC using GasFET. This was a thin-film hybrid. Also designed an edge-triggered receiver for same client, so that response to DC could be obtained.

(4) Designed 5-band companding system that is now an industry standard for broadcasters. Co-authored a paper on this topic with COMREX President, John Cheney.

(5) Designed a parametric equalizer and compander for broadcast audio.

(6) Provided consulting on a frequency synthesizer near 6 GHz for (customer name) COM Corp.

(7) Solved many design defects in ARM-ALARM, LAADS, Trackstar, and FAAR radar systems built by (customer name) Associates.

(8) Designed SECAM color TV generator add-on for (customer name).

(9) Designed frequency-synthesizer for (customer name) A.T.E.

(10) Designed frequency-synthesizer PLL (phaselocked loop) and low phase-noise VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) for cellular-radio project for (customer name) International. (UHF, just above 800 MHz)

(11) Designed phased-antenna lens high-current multi-channel analog driver for (customer name) Corp. Also designed and built PC boards for same.

(12) Designed frequency-synthesized cable-TV modulator-heterodyne processor for (customer name). Designed PC boards, programmed PROM's, designed all circuitry.

(13) Consulting and technical analysis on frequency-synthesizer (PLL) for (customer name) Solid-State Division (just above 2 GHz).

(14) Designed 10 MHz modem for (customer name) Corp. which combined TV color video, audio, and data for transmission and recovery by FM microwave link. This modem required a high-order active group-delay corrector design, and was very successful.

(15) Designed VHF TV-transmitter Frequency Synthesizer for (customer name) and provided PC boards designed inside T-TECH

(16) Designed enhancements for (customer name) TV transmitter synthesizer to permit customer special-requirement for carrier frequency offset locked to a half-multiple of video horizontal sync, and provided PC board designed in-house at T-TECH. (Used a combination of PLL and DDS offset generation techniques)

(17) Designed frequency-synthesizer and tracking filters for new (customer name) "DIGIT" digitally-generated FM transmitter (obtained co-patent on a DDS dither and anti-dither scheme).

(18) Advised (customer name) in design of ATTC (Advanced Television Trans. Committee of the FCC) test system for evaluating various contenders offering HDTV systems, seeking FCC approval and selection.

(19) Designed I/R modem for (customer name) Research (in Hawthorne, NY)

(20) Designed T-TECH's own fiber-optic product, a digital-audio studio-to-transmitter link for broadcasters.

(21) Participated in the up-front approach for an analog ASIC for (customer name) Corp. and generated a SPICE-analysis of key sections and proposed a better bandpass filter design.

(22) Helped to design 1 GBit/sec CATV broadband modem RF circuitry and several wireless RF subsections for a 60 GHz mmwave link (Costas demodulators having 6 MHz PLL BW and IF filters, etc.).

(23) Designed turnkey 2-input 32-output 2 GHz switch matrix, delivering assembled units.

(24) Designed turnkey 70 MHz QAM to 6 GHz frequency translator (low phase jitter).

(25) Designed frequency synthesizer for CATV modem having 0.2 degrees integrated phase noise from 10 KHz to 100 MHz offset, and less than 0.3 degrees to 300 MHz offset from a 1-2 GHz programmable carrier center frequency.

Patents and Publications by Daniel B. Talbot


(1) HOMODYNE AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY CONTROL CIRCUIT, U.S. Patent Number 4,006,429 Sept. 26, 1975 filing, assigned to Jerrold Electronics Corp., Horsham, Pa.

(2) SIGNAL EXPANDER, U.S. Patent Number 4,220,929 dated Sept. 2, 1980, assigned to DBX Corp., Newton, Mass. (Co-patented with David Blackmer, President of DBX)

(3) MULTIPLIER CIRCUIT, U.S. Patent Number 4,216,107 Feb. 16, 1982, assigned to DBX Corp., Newton, Mass.

(4) CLOSED LOOP AMPLITUDE DEMODULATOR, U.S. Patent Number 4,403,194 Sept. 6, 1983, assigned to inventor (D. Talbot)

(5) AMPLITUDE MODULATOR HAVING SUBSTANTIALLY ZERO MODULATION DISTORTION, U.S. Patent Number 4,485,359 Nov. 27, 1984, assigned to inventor (D. Talbot)

(6) DITHER AND DE-DITHER TECHNIQUE FOR DIGITAL DIRECT FREQUENCY SYNTHESIS (DDS), U.S. Patent Number 5,291,428 issue date March 1, 1994, co-patented with Ed Twitchell (Harris Corp.)

(7) Awaiting patent of a quadrature-nulling scheme for RF modems.

Patents and Publications by Daniel B. Talbot (continued)


(1) N-OVER-M FREQUENCY SYNTHESIS, September 1997 issue "RF DESIGN " Magazine


(3) ULTRA-HIGH-PERFORMANCE AMPLITUDE AND FREQUENCY MODULATION AND DEMODULATION, July/August 1981 issue of the "Journal of the Audio Engineering Society", pp. 492-502

(4) WIDE-DYNAMIC-RANGE SCALAR NETWORK ANALYZER (With Low-cost Group Delay Measurement Feature), January 1997 issue, "Microwaves & RF"

(5) IMPROVING TV AUDIO AT THE BROADCAST TRANSMITTER-RECEIVER INTERFACE, June 1979 issue, "Journal of the Audio Engineering Society"

(6) A 5-BAND COMPANDED TECHNIQUE FOR CONVERTING TELEPHONE-QUALITY TO BROADCAST-QUALITY USING TWO VOICE-GRADE PHONE LINES, co-authored with John Cheney (President, COMREX Corp.), paper delivered at 76th convention of the AES, October, 1984, and published in the "Journal of the Audio Engineering Society" October 1986, pp. 804-810

(7) A REVIEW OF NON-LINEAR DISTORTION FUNDAMENTALS, paper presented to AES Convention, New York, October 1984

(8) A SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS, BROADCAST-QUALITY AMPLITUDE COMPANDER, "Journal of the Audio Engineering Society", October 1981, pp. 690-698

(9) GO ACTIVE FOR SONAR OR RADAR FILTERS, "Electronic Design" Magazine, April 26, 1973, pp. 126-129


(11) THE ROLE OF ATE (AUTOMATIC TEST EQUIPMENT) IN ENTERTAINMENT ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING AND DESIGN, paper delivered at 67th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, 1980, October 31

(12) SOME CONSIDERATIONS FOR TAPE RECORDER BIAS OSCILLATOR DESIGN, paper presented to 63rd Convention of Audio Engineering Society, May, 1979, at Los Angeles, California

(13) A RESPECTABLE SINGLE-BAND EXPANDER, paper presented to 63rd Convention of Audio Engineering Society, May, 1979, at Los Angeles, California

(14) FIBER-OPTIC TRANSMISSION AND PROFESSIONAL AUDIO, "Journal of the Audio Engineering Society", May, 1994, pp. 325-340

(15) AUDIO STL DESIGNED FOR FIBER, "Radio Guide Magazine", page 33 July, 1992

(16) DIGITAL DIRECTIONS, (Conversion of Analog Signals to Digital), "Radio Guide Magazine", pp. 18-19, August, 1992

(17) DIGITAL DIRECTIONS, (Overcoming Digital Sampling Roll-off), pp. 6-7, "Radio Guide Magazine", pp. 6-7, September, 1992


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